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Relay Cars and Courier is London’s premier courier company offering local, national and international courier deliveries to businesses and individuals from our UK offices. Our technological breakthroughs allow us to keep more couriers on the streets of London, providing the most efficient courier service London and the UK have ever seen.

At Relay Cars and Couriers we use the latest GPS technology to pinpoint the exact location of each driver down to the nearest 10 metres, and our servers automatically allocate your courier delivery to the nearest driver from our fleet across London and the UK. Our internal efficiencies mean faster pickup times and lower prices over any traditional London courier company. What’s more, when you choose Relay Cars and Courier as your courier company, our exact mileage policy ensures you get our lowest price for every job you book only paying for the exact mileage used, unlike other London courier companies which use zone to zone pricing.

Features second by second tracking, precise point to point pricing and real-time proof of pickup and delivery.

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